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Mayor Hansen Bows Out

Today marks the final day as mayor and a city council member for Rick Hansen.

Mr. Hansen has served our community for 14 years on the council. He served 8 years in the 1980’s and another 6 starting in 2008. The last two years as mayor.

The council will miss Mr. Hansen’s business expertise and financial knowledge. He was able to communicate his thoughts clearly and with respect.

He was the target of political attacks, but always handled them with the grace and tact you expect of a leader.

Mr. Hansen deserves much credit for helping to turn this city around. Reducing our city debt, returning the police traffic unit, instituting term limits, and bringing a sense of respect back to the position of mayor.

Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Hansen and thank you .

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Dude Look Like a Lady

On Friday, five council members participated in the “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” event in Tacoma to help raise money for abused women.

The picture below was taken on the “red carpet”. John Knutsen, Steve Vermillion, Rick Hansen, and John Hopkins walked the carpet. Shortly after Tom Swanson joined the effort.

While there might not be any women currently on the council, these men did their best to “look like a lady” and support a good cause.


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Link to Tribune Article

Here’s a link to today’s News Tribune article.

[Edit: Here is a Letter to the Editor we missed earlier.  Very well written Mr. Bennett!]

We’re not sure if there is anymore comment to be made to this article, other than it probably wasn’t necessary to write. However, the article is well written and presents a fair view to both sides.

The fact is, a couple of constant complainers who cannot be happy no matter what happens (look for a future video of one of these people), went to the newspaper.  They interviewed the involved councilmembers, researched the rules, and formed this article.  They found nothing wrong with this practice.

We believe that these councilmembers should continue to avoid these situations because, while not illegal may not look good to the public.  However, if you read the current comments on the article, people feel this is not an issue, they were elected for a reason, and they know the rules, so let them handle this duties as they best see fit.  If this is a major issue for people, they will elect others when the time comes.  If the current council does a good job, they will be reelected no matter who they choose to have a beer with.

Social pals swear off Puyallup city business [Tacoma News Tribune]

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Letter: Where Was Council Representative When We Needed Help the Most?

We the residents of Fifth Street Southeast would just like to say thank you to a few people  who were very helpful during The Puyallup Fair.

First of all a big thank you to John Knutsen, Rick Hansen, Melanie Robinson and Sgt. Thompson  of Puyallup police department. John and Rick, as well as Melanie Robinson, were very helpful in getting the no parking  signs posted on our street.  Thank you.  Also thanks to Sgt. Thompson for being so visible during The Fair and enforcing the correct parking on our street.

I am just wondering where was our council representative for District 2?

Tami Brouillet was nowhere to be seen, as was Kathy Turner our mayor.

When this problem with Fair parking was brought to the attention of the city council, we were told it would be taken under advisement and we would be contacted.

If it wasn’t for the integrity of Melanie, John and Rick helping contact us to the city public works department, it would have been really rough. We would just like to say again a big thank you to those of you who really care about the people of Puyallup and when they have a problem, you listen.

-Debbie Carling, Gary Robinson, Brenda Bauer, Jim Coghill, Elnore Hall

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Are you interested in moving the Court to City Hall?

If you are, the council will be discussing the possibility of moving it to the 5th floor this Tuesday night.

The meeting starts at 6, a new start time effective this week.  Click here to see this week’s agenda.

Moving the court from its’ current leased space will save the city over $100,000 a year.  Citizens and council members Rick Hansen and John Knutsen have been pushing for this since the beginning of the year.  It has been halted largely due to longtime councilmembers Kathy Turner and Don Malloy, who say the building was not built to house the court.  Turner also claims that a study was done to show that it isn’t feasible to move it into City Hall, but has failed to share the actually “study.”

With the city in a $5 million deficit, we encourage anyone who is interested in saving $100,000 come down to City Hall, September 7, 6 pm and share their thoughts.

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