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“Changing an inch is cinch, changing a yard is hard” – Summing Up the Parks Program

The quote in the title sums up the current Parks and Recreation department situation.  City Manager Bill McDonald was charged with examining all city departments to find where the city can save money and improve quality of service for the citizens.

The point of contention throughout this whole process was the fact that he dismissed the former Parks Director, who we have to assume was doing a poor job, and had not immediately hired a new one.  Councilmembers John Palmer and Kent Boyle took up this issue as their cross to carry for the last two months.  Councilmember Palmer, in particular, could not seem to remove himself from this topic.

Not only was this rhetoric spewed from the dias, but also in emails to the public and memos to the city manager.  You can read both an email from Palmer to citizens that was posted on Facebook and the memo sent to the city manager jointly by Palmer and Boyle at the end of this post.

When the city manager announced Tuesday night that he had moved Dick Webber from the Recreation Center to the Activity Center/Pavillion and moved Sarah Harris to the Rec Center, as well as made her the overseer of the Parks Department everyone seemed to be happy, including Palmer and Boyle.

Mr. McDonald did what he was charged to do and improved the quality of the programs within the Parks and Rec Department.  Not only do we now have a director, but he is in the process of hiring a Facilities Manager that the city desperately needs.  Since Sarah Harris, as director, will be in charge of the Rec Center, therefore eliminating that position, he is able to hire the Facilities Manager and not add a FTE to the city’s budget.  The perfect solution to these problems.

The biggest question remaining is what is Councilmember Palmer going to talk about for his remaining 2+ years on the council.  In his first year on the job the only thing you heard out of him was the word “so” about 325 times.  Then he spent the last couple months talking about a parks problem that was only a problem because he made it one.  We can only assume he will spend his time micromanaging the last 9 months of Bill McDonald’s administration.

As for Councilmember Boyle, it looks like his last 9 months on the council will consist of him “asking just a quick question,” forwarding city emails to scorned ex-councilmembers to post in The News Tribune comments, and expressing his anger at life toward citizens and other councilmembers, as he did at the study session March 26.  Which you can watch here, click on the March 26 Study Session.

This change should have been an inch, but instead it got changed into a yard.

Below is the email and memo.

Palmer Email

Memo Parks Rec

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Kent Boyle Goes On Ken Schram, Can’t Seem to Move On

Councilmember Kent Boyle was on the radio Thursday afternoon to discuss the admonishment of Mayor Rick Hansen.  He spoke with host Ken Schram on his show on KOMO 1000.  Go ahead and click here to take you to the link, then click on the listen button to hear it yourself.

You learn a couple things from listening.  One, although Mr. Hansen has apologized, been embarrassed, said it won’t happen again, and gone to sensitivity training, Mr. Boyle still feels the need to go on the radio and chastise him for his behavior.  It’s time he moves on like the rest of us.

Second, you learn that when Mr. Hansen put his hands on Mrs. Martineau’s shoulders, Boyle witnessed it.  Boyle says in the audio that he felt  “as far as I was concerned, that situation was over with.”  Boyle and Martineau are friends and were allies on the council.  He endorsed her during her failed bid to actually win an elected seat.  It makes you wonder why she even stood up at the meeting the other night.  It must have been a case of sour grapes because she lost the election.  Or possibly, maybe she doesn’t want her father, Bill Hilton, to win election for state representative because we don’t know how her actions could possibly help him. 

The audio is worth a listen, if only to try and answer this question: Why would a sitting councilmember feel the need to go on the radio after this situation has been dealt with and continue to bring negative attention to our community?

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Despite Logic, Martineau, Boyle, Turner, Brouillet Vote Down 7 PM and 6:30 PM Start Time

Once again, despite vocal criticism against the 6 PM start time, council members Martineau, Boyle, Turner, and Brouillet voted against changing it back to 7 PM.  Then, in a last ditch effort to compromise by Councilmember Knutsen to 6:30 PM, those four again voted it down.

There was no discussion from any of the dissenters to why they want 6 PM.  So, we have no idea why they would like to keep the 6 PM time.

Remember this in November when you are voting.  Of the four who voted opposite of what the citizens want, only Councilmember Martineau is running.  A vote against her is a vote for a citizen government.

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Once Again, Council Slaps Citizens in the Face

If you are planning on attending any Puyallup City Council meetings in the future, better plan on picking up some McDonald’s on the way.

Despite numerous citizens asking for the meeting start time to be returned to 7 pm, and no one speaking in favor of 6 pm, a vote of 4-3 kept the meetings at the inconvenient time of 6 pm.

Mayor Turner, Deputy Mayor Brouillet, and Councilmembers Martineau and Boyle voted to keep the 6 o’clock start time citing no drop in attendance, earlier convenience for staff, and, according to Brouillet, “no one spoke out against it,” even though numerous citizens had spoke against it a mere hour earlier.

The fact is, on average, the same citizens regularly show up at council meetings and they were the ones who wanted it at 7.  Anyone else who doesn’t attend the meetings or watches them on TV doesn’t care when they start because they will be on TV at the same time no matter what.  So, this was the perfect opportunity to listen to the people who attend and be a representative of the people, you know the thing they were elected to do.

Not only did the those four slap the face of the citizens who attend the meetings, but Mayor Turner took it a step further, claiming that some residents who may have supported 6 didn’t come because of intimidation.

Mayor Turner has said a lot of garbage up on that dias, but that comment may be the most ridiculous.  People are intimidated by others speaking at a podium?  Come on, get real. 

Thank you to Mr. Malloy, Mr. Hansen, and Mr. Knutsen for listening and voting as a representative of the people, not as self-serving advocates for yourself.

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Citizens Be Damned, By a 5-2 Vote

At last night’s meeting, two resolutions were brought before the council in an attempt to bring more transparency and openness to Puyallup.

The first resolution was to change the council meeting start times back to 7 pm, a more manageable time for working citizens.  Any citizen who works an 8-5 job has a hard time getting home, fixing and eating dinner, saying hi to the spouse and kids, then getting out the door for a 6 o’clock start. 

Starting at 7 gives residents more time to do those things and make it to their meeting!  Despite citizen comments against the change, the council voted to approve the 6 pm start time in a 5-2 vote.  Mayor Turner, Deputy Mayor Brouillet, and councilmembers Martineau, Boyle, and Malloy voted for it.  Councilmembers Hansen and Knutsen voted against it.  A shame!

Next, was a resolution to give citizens the powers of initiative and referendum.  Essentially, citizens could petition a measure onto the ballot by gathering 15% of the registered voters signatures in the city using an initiative.  They also could repeal or amend a law by gathering that same amount of signatures by using the power of referendum.

This has been something that residents, along with councilmembers Hansen, Knutsen, and the late George Dill have been pushing for for a long time.  This gives citizens another avenue for their city and their government.  

Instead of enacting this common law, which by the way can only be used for certain measures, plus it is extremely hard to gather that amount of signatures, the council decided to deny residents once again.

By that same 5-2 vote, the push for initiative and referendum went down.

Another city council meeting, another night of the wants of the residents be damned.

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