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Too Bad No One Warned Them…

Litigation - Copy

Puyallup has often been plagued by lawsuits. Many would say they have been the result of corrupt or incompetent leadership. As you can see below, as a candidate, District 1 Councilman John Hopkins attempted to be the champion of ending costly litigation.

“I believe the City has squandered money on pointless litigation…”

-Candidate John Hopkins, 2011 Pierce County Voters Pamphlet

“Against – Excessive and Expensive Litigation”

-Candidate John Hopkins, 2011 “June Brochure”

“Establish good risk management to eliminate expensive litigation. Done.”

-Candidate & Councilman John Hopkins, 2013 Campaign Info Card

“We are now basically law suit free… YEAH!”

-Candidate & Councilman John Hopkins, 10/1/13

With that job apparently “done” he has changed tactics and is now soliciting for new lawsuits.

For months the business community, voters,staff, and even likely from the city’s own attorneys had warned the council, but it seems that he is incapable of taking sound advice.

The following new and costly lawsuit is presented without further comment.

Click here to read the full lawsuit.




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Halfway House Issue in Olympia

***This post was submitted by Julie Door, the hard working citizen of District 3 who has spearheaded the effort to stop dangerous housing projects from entering our city.***

SB5105 passed the Senate 49-0 through some amazing efforts by Senators Bruce Dammeier, Mike Carrell, Jeanie Darneielle and Nick Harper! Some of the key points of this bill (as obtained from Puyallup’s Deputy Attorney Steve Kirkelie) are:

•It provides additional… guidelines and restrictions on when Department of Corrections (DOC) can issue the rental vouchers rather than continuing to give DOC unfettered control over issuance of vouchers.

•It requires that when DOC is selecting housing providers who will receive vouchers, DOC shall consider the compatibility of the location of where a sex offender will live with the surrounding neighborhood and underlying zoning.

•DOC shall limit the concentration of housing providers for sex offenders in individual neighborhoods.

•When a housing provider desires to provide sex offender housing in the City, DOC must notify the Police Chief of such housing.

•The City will have the right to inspect the sex offender housing to ensure compliance with fire and building codes.

•If a housing provider attempts to locate sex offender housing in the City and such location does not comply with the City’s zoning or development code, the City can request that DOC no longer provider vouchers to the housing provider.

I encourage everyone to write to our legislative representatives regardless of what city they live in. This is not a Puyallup issue, this is a STATE ISSUE. I also encourage people to forward these links to their email contacts. For people outside of the 25th District, they can look up email addresses and their representatives at .

Below are links to a form letter that can be sent to our House of Representatives. If people live in Puyallup, click on the second link with PUYALLUP in the link. Representative Dawn Morrell’s email address is and Representative Hans Zeiger’s email address is .

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