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League of Women Voters Debate Date Set

On October 14 from 6-8 PM the League of Women Voters will be hosting a candidate forum for Puyallup City Council candidates.

The forum will be held at the Puyallup Public Library.

In years past, attendees can submit questions for the candidates to answer.

Please consider attending as this will be a great opportunity to hear from the candidates on a variety of issues.

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Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors Endorses City Council Candidates

The Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors, which has represented realtors all over Pierce County for over 100 years, has endorsed three city council candidates for the November election.

The Assoication has endorsed John Hopkins (District 1), Steve Hastings (District 2), and Chris McNutt (District 3).

In our opinion, the realtor association shows that they believe these three candidates best position the city of Puyallup for a strong economic future. Realtors want to sell homes and buildings, the place you sell homes and buildings is in a vibrant, forward-thinking city.

We believe the association was able to view Mr. Hopkins’ work on the City Council and Mr. Hasting’s and Mr. McNutt’s work on the Planning Commission as demonstrating that they have the vision required to keep moving our city forward.

Each of those three candidates has already complied a strong list of endorsements and this just adds to that list.

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John Hopkins Files with PDC

Current District 1 City Councilmember John Hopkins has filed with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) to run for council again this year.

Some of you may be wondering why he is running again in 2013.  Well, he ran for and won in 2011 to fulfill the final two years of George Dill’s seat that George won in 2009.  Mr. Dill passed away shortly after winning the election.  The first two years of his term were filled by a council appointed citizen and the last two years went up for election.  Mr. Hopkins won that election.

So, just two short years later he is running again, for the same seat he is currently in but this time a victory will give him the full four year term.

Once Mr. Hopkins was seated on the council, he and others started hacking away at the mess left them by the previous council majority and current councilmember Kent Boyle.

In Mr. Hopkins’ brochure from 2011 he listed several items he would like to work on as a councilmember.  Here is the list.

  • Pass initiative and referendums to restore public trust
  • Establish good risk management to eliminate expensive litigation
  • Sell excess real estate and consolidate city operations
  • Reduce our debt load so we can properly maintain all our city assets including infrastructure and roads
  • Ensure growth does not adversely impact neighborhood quality

Now, keeping in mind the fact that it has only been 15 months since he joined the council and many of these things require cooperation from many different government entities, which usually move at a glacier-like pace, he and the current council majority have made significant improvements in all of those areas.

Initiatives and referendums was sponsored by Mr. Hopkins and are now in affect.  The only litigation that remains is one case from the Gary McLean era.  The city currently has two of its’ real estate properties listed for sale and City Hall is getting reorganized for better usage.  The debt load is slowly being whittled down, from a high of $90 million to its’ current state of around $65 million.  Current projects have not adversely affected neighborhoods, but have enhanced them, including the 8th Ave NW project.  The sure to be disastrous Cultivating Puyallup plan was also eliminated.

As you can see, the current council with Mr. Hopkins as a member has done an outstanding job improving our city and turning around the disaster handed to them.  If you are a District 1 voter, four more years of Mr. Hopkins can help us get farther out of that mess.

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Dude Look Like a Lady

On Friday, five council members participated in the “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” event in Tacoma to help raise money for abused women.

The picture below was taken on the “red carpet”. John Knutsen, Steve Vermillion, Rick Hansen, and John Hopkins walked the carpet. Shortly after Tom Swanson joined the effort.

While there might not be any women currently on the council, these men did their best to “look like a lady” and support a good cause.


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Link to Tribune Article

Here’s a link to today’s News Tribune article.

[Edit: Here is a Letter to the Editor we missed earlier.  Very well written Mr. Bennett!]

We’re not sure if there is anymore comment to be made to this article, other than it probably wasn’t necessary to write. However, the article is well written and presents a fair view to both sides.

The fact is, a couple of constant complainers who cannot be happy no matter what happens (look for a future video of one of these people), went to the newspaper.  They interviewed the involved councilmembers, researched the rules, and formed this article.  They found nothing wrong with this practice.

We believe that these councilmembers should continue to avoid these situations because, while not illegal may not look good to the public.  However, if you read the current comments on the article, people feel this is not an issue, they were elected for a reason, and they know the rules, so let them handle this duties as they best see fit.  If this is a major issue for people, they will elect others when the time comes.  If the current council does a good job, they will be reelected no matter who they choose to have a beer with.

Social pals swear off Puyallup city business [Tacoma News Tribune]

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