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District 2 Candidate Heather Shadko Opposes Spalsh Pad in Pioneer Park

The current wading pool at Pioneer Park does not meet the health department’s codes. It has to be emptied and refilled multiple times per day.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board studied options for replacing the antiquated wading pool and recommended to the city council a splash pad. This splash pad would be open more often than the wading pool and meet the required health codes.

The city council approved $550,000 from existing capital improvement funds for parks. The council received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community before the vote regarding the splash pad. One councilmember shared they received over 60 emails asking them to approve these funds.

One person who was not supportive of the plan is running for city council this fall in District 2, Heather Shadko. She submitted a letter to the Parks Board (You can read her letter by clicking here).

You can see in the letter that she is uninformed about simple issues. “they are only allowing toddlers” was never discussed but Ms. Shadko wouldn’t know that because she doesn’t do her homework.

As if the letter wasn’t enough, she took to her campaign’s Facebook page to oppose it as well. Here is what she wrote on July 16:

“Tonight at 6:30 is the City Council meeting. On the agenda is approval of $550,000 to replace the playground equipment and remove the wading pool to put in a Splash Pad. I love the idea of the Splash Pad I just don’t think Pioneer Park is the right location. A Splash Pad will be a big draw, with the Farmer’s Market, Pavilion, Library and Pioneer Park itself I think the area will be overloaded. In addition, we have some wonderful, large trees in the park that could be negatively impacted by digging a large hole for a water holding tank. I’m not sure what the rush is on this project.”

These types of projects require vision to be successful. Ms. Shadko seems to have a lack of vision and instead would prefer to not bring an asset to our city’s downtown core.

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Public Disclosure Commission Complaint Filed Against PuyallupNow (Updated: 8-7-13)

*** 8-7-13 Update: PuyallupNow would like to thank Senator Pam Roach for her support of our freedom of speech rights.***

PuyallupNow received an email of a complaint filed through the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). The complaint of course is baseless and was simply an election season ploy that was quickly dimissed. We did think it of interest to post the email so the public can see what was sent.

Before we do that though, we want to make clear that this website will always endorse who we think is the better candidate for city council, talk about issues that we feel are important, and share informaion we receive. If you do not share the same opinions as PuyallupNow, that’s fine. Here are two options for you.

1. Don’t read us.

2. Start your own website with your opinions. In fact, we will even give you a website name: PuyallupThen. On PuyallupThen you can talk about the glory days of Kathy Turner and Don Malloy, when the city was racking up debt faster than John Hopkins can put up campaign signs (By the way, the debt is a bad thing, Hopkins’ campaign signs are a good thing), and remember fondly the days of sitting in court against a family-fun center, a fellow councilman, and a respected local business owner.

We fully endorse John Hopkins, Steve Hastings, and Chris McNutt for City Council. They do not have any influence on our endorsements, nor do they review or approve our posts. This website is independent of any candidate.

Below you can read the email PuyallupNow received from the PDC:


The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) recently enacted new rules requiring sponsor identification on online political advertising. Brochures explaining the requirements are attached.

The PDC has received a complaint that the Puyallupnow website should contain sponsor identification since the website advocates support for particular candidates.

Sponsor identification may be left off of an ad so long as all of these criteria are met:

· the sponsor is an individual acting on his or her own behalf, independent of any candidate, political committee or organization,

· the sponsor personally produces and distributes the ad (or pays for it to be produced and/or distributed),

· the sponsor receives no contributions or other support to produce and distribute the ad,

· no more than $50 in the aggregate is spent for online advertising or $100 in the aggregate for any other type of advertising, and

· the advertising is EITHER distributed through the individual’s social media site, personal website, or similar online forum where information is produced and disseminated only by the individual OR a letter, flier, handbill, text or e-mail from the individual that does not appear in a newspaper or comparable mass publication.

Please respond to this e-mail and confirm that Puyallupnow is exempt from sponsor ID because it meets all of the above criteria or, if not exempt, that sponsor identification has been added to the website.

Thank you

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Past and Present PDC Filings, Endorsements Explain Outcry

At last night’s meeting there were a few citizens who chose to use City Hall and the council meeting to attempt to influence the election this November. One citizen with a different view of the situation pointed out that the negative comments were coming from people who had either lost in a previous election or had endorsed or financially supported the losing candidates. We decided to see if that comment is actually true. Here is what we found:

Merv Swanson – Lost in the 2011 election to Councilmember John Hopkins; endorses Mr. Hopkins’ current opponent and Mr. McNutt’s current opponent according to their websites

Bud Metzger – Endorsed Councilmember Steve Vermillion’s opponent in the 2011 election

Daniel Smith – Endorsed and donated money to Councilmember Vermillion’s opponent in 2011, endorsed and donated money to Mr. McNutt’s current opponent according to their website and the PDC

Robin Ordonez – Lost in the 2011 election to Councilmember Tom Swanson; endorsed and donated money to Mr. McNutt’s current opponent according to their website and the PDC

Councilmember Kent Boyle – Endorsed Councilmember Vermillion’s opponent in 2011; donated money to Mr. McNutt’s current opponent according to the PDC

As you can see, losers of past elections and their supporters have not heard the message yet that their view for the future of Puyallup is not shared by the majority of the citizens. As their desperation heightens they stoop to lower and lower levels.

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Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors Endorses City Council Candidates

The Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors, which has represented realtors all over Pierce County for over 100 years, has endorsed three city council candidates for the November election.

The Assoication has endorsed John Hopkins (District 1), Steve Hastings (District 2), and Chris McNutt (District 3).

In our opinion, the realtor association shows that they believe these three candidates best position the city of Puyallup for a strong economic future. Realtors want to sell homes and buildings, the place you sell homes and buildings is in a vibrant, forward-thinking city.

We believe the association was able to view Mr. Hopkins’ work on the City Council and Mr. Hasting’s and Mr. McNutt’s work on the Planning Commission as demonstrating that they have the vision required to keep moving our city forward.

Each of those three candidates has already complied a strong list of endorsements and this just adds to that list.

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November Ballot Set

There are three spots on the Puyallup City Council that are up for election this November. There is one seat up in each district, with each seat having two candidates.

In District One, current councilmember John Hopkins is running to retain his seat. You may be saying to yourself, wait a minute, he just ran two years ago and I know councilmembers serve four-year terms. Yes, they do serve four-year terms but in 2011 Mr. Hopkins was elected to fill the remaining two years of the late George Dill’s seat. Mr. Dill passed away after winning election in 2009 but before his second term began. The council appointed Nicole Martineau to fill that spot for two years, then it would go up for election. Mr. Hopkins won that seat.

Mr. Hopkins has done an admirable job on the council. He has worked toward and completed many of the items he campaigned for in 2011 and has represented District One far better than Ms. Martineau. His opponent is Corry Glucoft. Not much is known about Ms. Glucoft because she has not filed her C1 form with the PDC, which she was supposed to have done by June 1. Hopefully Ms. Glucoft gets the required paperwork submitted so the public will know if she is a serious candidate.

In District Two, you have two current Planning Commission members, Steve Hastings and Heather Shadko. Mr. Hastings is the Chair of the Planning Commission and is an active member of our community. He has been a proponent of reducing our city’s debt, keeping our streets and sewers well maintained, and making sure the safety of Puyallup citizens is the top priority for the city. He is also a director with the Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation.

Ms. Shadko, in addition to being a Planning Commission member, is a library board member. Apparently, she also is not supportive of streets and sewers. Here is her quote, “People do not buy their home for great streets and sewers. When people start looking at places to live, they’re looking at what kind of things are available in the community.”

Just let that statement sink in for a minute. There are two major things wrong with that statement from Heather Shadko. One, without great streets and sewers there are no “things available in the community.” Businesses don’t come, travelers don’t stay, community events don’t happen. The four “s’s”: safety, streets, sewers, and sidewalks are the foundation of a community, everything else is built on those four.

The second issue is with her philosophy and mindset. It is nearly identical to that of former councilmembers like Kathy Turner, Tami Brouillet, Mike Deal, Don Malloy, and Nicole Martineau. They, and Ms. Shadko, care more about the people who don’t live in our community than the ones that already do. This mindset is all about how to bring people to Puyallup. What we want in a councilmember is someone who cares about the people who already live here. They are elected to represent the current tax-payers of Puyallup, not the future ones. It is still very early in the election cycle, but Ms. Shadko would be a step backwards for this city if she were elected.

Finally, in District Three current Planning Commission member Chris McNutt and Julie Door are running for the seat currently occupied by Kent Boyle. Councilmember Boyle decided against running for reelection.

Mr. McNutt is the Vice Chair of the Planning Commission, as well as a frequent attendee of council meetings. He is a fiscal conservative who worked to stop the halfway house from being developed on Shaw Road, has good ideas on how to improve traffic, and will work hard to preserve our great parks like Bradley Lake and Wildwood. He has already complied a strong list of endorsements, including the other District Three councilmember Tom Swanson, the late George Dill’s wife Shu Dill, and long-time Puyallup School District teacher Robert Dore.

Julie Door worked hard on the Shaw Road Halfway House issue and was the contact point for many citizens and representatives during that process. She has decided to use her name recognition and accomplishment to take a shot at a council seat. We expect the District Three race to be a good one.

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