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Mayor Hansen Bows Out

Today marks the final day as mayor and a city council member for Rick Hansen.

Mr. Hansen has served our community for 14 years on the council. He served 8 years in the 1980’s and another 6 starting in 2008. The last two years as mayor.

The council will miss Mr. Hansen’s business expertise and financial knowledge. He was able to communicate his thoughts clearly and with respect.

He was the target of political attacks, but always handled them with the grace and tact you expect of a leader.

Mr. Hansen deserves much credit for helping to turn this city around. Reducing our city debt, returning the police traffic unit, instituting term limits, and bringing a sense of respect back to the position of mayor.

Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Hansen and thank you .

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Election Results

Congratulations to Mr. Hopkins, Mrs. Shadko and Mrs. Door on their election.

Although we would have preferred two of the other candidates, the voters have made their decision.

Mrs. Door will join the council later this month, once the election is certified. Mrs. Shadko will join in January.

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Vote for the Common Sense Team


This mailer, that all Puyallup residents should have received yesterday , is from the National Association of Realtors.

This ad was not authorized by any candidate.

Realtors want to sell properties. Things that help sell properties: safe neighborhoods, good streets, and quality parks are all things they know these three can deliver.

Once again, another reason to vote Hopkins, Hastings, and McNutt.

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Endorsements for Nov. 5

We are less than two weeks away from Election Day, ballots have been mailed, and the final push is on for November 5.

When thinking about how/should we endorse candidates we decided there is nothing we can say that hasn’t already been said. So, we decided instead to take what others have said and showcase the highlights.

One quick note, though. All six of the candidates have touted their emphasis on improving and attracting businesses to Puyallup. Working with local chambers of commerce would seem to be a natural avenue to take. Looking at the Tacoma-Pierce County Voter’s Guide shows only three of the six candidates have responded to their questionnaire. (As of this writing) You can view that guide by clicking here.

The three candidates that responded, John Hopkins in District 1, Steve Hastings in District 2 and Chris McNutt is District 3 are also the three candidates we endorse for City Council .

Of course, we do not endorse them just because they responded to the chamber. But, we do believe that their taking the time to do so indicates one of their qualifications: follow-through.

As you’ll see in the quotes below, follow-through, trust, and a wealth of life experience and knowledge contribute to their value as council members.

“Since being appointed to the planning commission in 2010, Steve Hastings has initiated the concept of adding an Economic Development Commission. This concept has been sent to staff and council; if adopted, it will result in the creation of a new citizen volunteer group tasked with developing ways to eliminate barriers for new businesses.”
-Diana Martin, TNT

“McNutt has straightforward ideas on traffic, budget and parks. Puyallup needs a councilmember who is clear and direct. I believe this to be McNutt. Speaking with him and his wife as they went door to door a few weeks back strengthened my support.”

-Tracy Taylor, TNT

“During Hopkins’ last two years on the council, he has proven that he is one of the most prepared and informed council members in decades, always voting based on facts, not emotion.”

– Steve Shores, TNT

“Chris McNutt was an amazing resource as he helped to bridge the gap between concerned community members and city council members, as well as other state officials. Every one of the Shaw Come Together volunteers relied heavily on McNutt’s wisdom, information, contacts and skills.”

– Tina Burns, Puyallup Herald

As you fill out your ballot look at candidate websites and read their endorsement lists. See where their support comes from. You’ll see on Hopkins, Hastings, and McNutt’s lists numerous long-time Puyallup residents who have volunteered their time to improve our community. They deserve your vote on November 5.

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League of Women Voters Debate Date Set

On October 14 from 6-8 PM the League of Women Voters will be hosting a candidate forum for Puyallup City Council candidates.

The forum will be held at the Puyallup Public Library.

In years past, attendees can submit questions for the candidates to answer.

Please consider attending as this will be a great opportunity to hear from the candidates on a variety of issues.

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