Hopkins, Circus Ringleader

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“It’s a brand new and wonderful council” exclaims Hopkins further stating “The citizens did not like our reputation as a bickering council.”

Oddly enough, the person who created the dissent and encouraged two or three people to continually attack three council members was none other than John Hopkins himself.

Hopkins is the master of manipulation and did so by forwarding city council emails to folks like Chris Chisholm enticing him to verbally attack council members (email obtained via PRR [Ed- Public Records Request]).

  • Hopkins orchestrated now Councilmember Farris’ sudden appearance at a council meeting attacking threecouncil members, demanding they resign, step down and never hold public office again to include calling the City Attorney (now City Manager) a liar and stating that he should be disbarred.
  • This followed on the heels of Hopkins being exposed for non-payment of fees and taxes to Labor and Industries as well as to the US Government for social security and Medicare with holdings for employees.
  • Hopkins used his British buddy Dave Churchman to harass and attempt to intimidate council members through use of the Public Records Act. Hopkins went as far as creating a scenario for a violation of the Open Meeting Act, then had Churchman contact Arthur West who in turn filed a lawsuit against the city. City emails obtain under the Public Records Act show that Hopkins has shared confidential information from Executive Sessions with Dave Churchman who in turn has attempted to use it against the city and or respective council members.
  • He like his mentor, Kathy Turner, are oblivious to the Open Meeting Act requirements. Public records show that Hopkins violated the OMA while serving as the chair of the Ad Hoc committee charged with interviewing and recommending appointments to city boards and commissions.
  • In one case, the committee selected an applicant for continuance on the Civil Service Commission. After the meeting adjourned, Hopkins apparently had second thoughts, contacted Councilmember Shadko telephonically and convinced her to change her vote. Hopkins in turn left a message on Councilmember Swanson’s voice mail (now a public record) indicating he and Shadko had changed their votes therefore an emergency meeting had to be convened—without public notice. Hopkins and Shadko then appointed Paul Mahoney, an ally of Hopkins’ to the Civil Service Commission.
  • Hopkins has no moral compass as evidenced in part by his change in perspective on repayment of Interfund Loans. Repayment of these loans in either 2014 or 2015 based on published budget documents would have converted debt to cash for use in 2017 enabling more infrastructure projects (roads, sewers, water) to be addressed. Hopkins and Palmer have spearheaded side tracking as much year-end funding as possible by stripping Tier 3 (year-end) projects of funding, diverting up to 40% of LTAC funding (by law to be used only for tourism) and by foregoing early repayment of interfund loans in order to build Palmer’s dream sports complex.
  • The council majority already raised your utility rates 26% and is now contemplating raising your sewer rates somewhere between 21% and 38%–as cited in the current draft sewer plan.

“It a brand new wonderful council” that will spend this city back into debt on pet projects that provide no benefit to the majority of the citizens.”


Mike Jones

First appeared in the comments section of a TNT article online.

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