Is Councilman John Hopkins involved in an illegal drug operation?

King 5 reports that a property owned Deputy Mayor John Hopkins has been raided for illegal drug production.

They also report that one person, who is in the US illegally, has been arrested. They further report that he is from Britain, just as Hopkins is, and around the same age.

This is hardly the first time Hopkins has been associated with or accused of being involved in illegal practices, even within the last year.

Hopkins claims no knowledge of the illegal actions of his tenant going by the name “Dutch Masters Organic Grow” or their trafficking of the illegal drugs to a nearby store front selling the products.

A quick internet search of “Dutch Masters Organic Grow” reveals many links to cannabis production and oil extraction processes including some specific products they produce and sell.

Is it then hard to swallow that Hopkins honestly believed this was a medical records business?

One might also wonder if this is related to Hopkins complete 180 reversal on the marijuana ban earlier this year when he publicly stated he changed his mind and that a marijuana producer was interested in renting from him.

There has been no word yet if Hopkins tight knit voting block on the council (Palmer, Shadko and Door) knew about this operation while also reconsidering the ban earlier this year.

Many citizens are already calling for Hopkins resignation.

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