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*** Update ***

At Wednesday nights meeting the only four Council members present reluctantly relented to PuyallupNow’s concerns and allowed public comment. We are very pleased to know that we were heard and valued, in at least this one small way. We would like to thank them for this small consideration and also for their continued attention to the important issues addressed by PuyallupNow.

Of course, the public’s plea for reasonability and common sense didn’t stop the council from moving forward with their well orchestrated catastrophe.

This quick 30 minute “emergency meeting” was deliberately scheduled at a time when every single Councilman with an opposing opinion could not attend. Throughout the meeting there was little discussion other than some predictable “greater good” lies by Palmer and an uninformed question by Door about who owns the open space set asides. Apparently not all the conspirators were filled in on the details outside of which way to vote.

Of the two brave souls that got up to speak, one was the attorney Hollis Barnett, representing the oppressed and persecuted farmer Neil Van Lierop, and the other was a troubled minion and obvious plant of the Palmer Four. Who knows how many would have come to speak if the agenda hadn’t explicitly stated there would be no public comment.

Mr. Barnet rebuked the council’s actions, stating that he was not interested in a lawsuit, but that the council’s behavior might likely prompt one. He asked that his letter be entered into the record.  The council accepted the letter, but did not give it even a moments consideration.

The other speaker [name withheld] revealed himself to be one of the local zealots creating and spreading lies during the last election cycle. He claimed to have insider knowledge of the value of the land, the purchase prices, and the likely loss of value due to the council’s action. He claimed that if the city forces the sale into default, the land value will drop by 14% and that this amount is so small that no one would ever complain about it. Did he really reveal that Palmer’s plan includes a specifically quantifiable loss of property value?

There was no victory for anyone Wednesday night. You don’t get to lie to the public, feed them a conclusion, and then claim righteous vindication of your own fairy tale.


*** Original Article ***

The Four Councilmen of the Apocalypse have conspired together under the cover of midnight to impose their corrupt will on the people of Puyallup.

They have forced in an emergency meeting to mandate new regulations designed specifically to destroy our businesses, eliminate our jobs, and bankrupt our farmers. These regulations have already cost the city and it’s people jobs, low income housing, community amenities and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Adopting these regulations negligently ignores the overwhelming advice of the Planning Commission. It is important to note that ONLY the Planning Commission has taken the time to investigate these regulations. The City Council has spent ZERO time researching the consequences of slamming in these regulations designed for a completely different zone.

What is the emergency? They don’t want to give the public time to know what they are up to.

You want proof?  At this emergency meeting, to be held on Wednesday May 28th, outside of any regular or planned meeting, they are suspending the rules and banning public comment.

Complete totalitarian censorship. They refuse to listen to you.

However, PuyallupNow Industries is all about solving problems.  If you want to be heard on this issue, email us at with the subject “Get Heard” and we will make sure they get the message. (Please designate if you want your comments to be confidential.)

Alternatively, there is a Planning Commission meeting directly following the council’s conclave. There, you will likely be able to comment despite the council’s censorship.

By then, it may be too late, but it will be on the record, and will be a solid reminder during the coming elections.

One final note on this subject.

If these regulations are “win-win” as Councilman Palmer emailed his fan club and beneficial to the community, why are they so afraid of criticism that they must silence it? Why is there so much urgency that they can’t wait one week and allow the public to comment?

I think we all know the answer to these question.

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