Schnitzer Negotiations

PuyallupNow has uncovered the following secret email.


From: John Palmer
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2014 9:35 AM
Subject: Schnitzer Negotiations


I want to set up a meeting up with the three of you to talk strategy with Schnitzer.

Here is the outline of a proposal that I’d like the three of you (our negotiating team) to present to Jeff [of Schnitzer]:

1) Expand the footprint of the Schnitzer development. That is, more buildings to spread the infrastructure cost across more sq feet of buildings. This, of course, would require Schnitzer to purchase more land.

2) Have the development “campus style,” consistent with the design specifications in our overlay zone (assuming we pass it). Mix of business park and a limited amout [sic] of truck oriented warehouses.

3) Schnitzer helps purchase park land (30-40 acres, most likely Knutson land east of the Schnitzer project) as mitigation for the development and in lieu of park impact fees. If Schnitzer financially supports the park land purchase and the city is able to secure this land, the city would have “skin in the game” regarding sewer expansion and the city could help pay a portion of the cost.

Of course there are a lot of details, but this framework may produce a better outcome than our current path.




This is one of the latest attempts by District 2 Councilman John Palmer to block the creation of a new job center in Puyallup.

In the midst of his war against the people of Puyallup, John Palmer has hatched this new ham handed scheme.

After publicly opposing any new development, is Councilman Palmer now suggesting the city seek a bribe from a private company in exchange for concessions at the taxpayers expense?

After he was unable to stop them with an “emergency moratorium” on economic growth, is he now trying to kill the project by tricking its creators into surrendering their vested application, forcing them to adhere to his personal agenda?

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