Council Rejects Moratorium 7-0

Tuesday night the city council quickly changed course, voting to postpone the moratorium in the Shaw-Pioneer area of our city.

This vote came after an executive session, and just one week after four members of the council voted in favor of it.

While we will never know what discussions and advice was had between the council and city attorneys, we can infer from their vote and some of the citizen comments that this vote was done to avoid litigation brought by the land owners or developers.

Mr. Harmer, a representative of Schnitzer West, spoke with his comments focused on Councilmember Palmer and the issue of trust. Three days after having what was described as a “burying the hatchet” phone conversation between the two, Councilmember Palmer added the moratorium to the council agenda without any mention of this to Mr. Harmer. The good will and ideas discussed about future trail connections and parks was tossed aside by Mr. Palmer for no apparent reason.

It is disappointing that John Palmer would put at risk the opportunity to partner with a developer and possibly offset some of the cost to add a park and connect a section of the trail in our city. We hope that in the future this council can work to add amenities to the east part of our city and that Mr. Palmer is not a roadblock to these issues.

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