Be Prepared for Your Landfill Fee to Go Up

After the council voted down an ordinance to raise our utility rates by a 4-3 vote, they entered into an executive session.

When they emerged, the voted 6-0-1 to enter into a settlement agreement for $2 million with a condo developer who built the River Trail and Addison Greens Apartment complexes.  These apartments were built on a former landfill site that was still emitting methane gas.

Here is the link to the case’s court page.

So, to pay for the $2 million payout the city is going to raise your bi-monthly “sanitation/landfill” charge on your utility bill from $1.25 to $4.35.

The irony of this is two-fold: 1.) The council had just voted down the utility rate increase, but this raises our utilities. 2.) At the District 2 neighborhood meeting Monday night, a resident of the West Hills area that was annexated in 2008 questioned why he is being charged $1.25 for the landfill that he never got to use all those years ago because he didn’t live in the city.  Now, he’s forced to pay $4.35 for that landfill he never got to use.

So, we have two questions: 1.) Who stamped the permits for this project? 2.) Knowing that this was handled internally, why was Foster Pepper attorney Steve DiJuilo hired and how much was he paid?

With that said, DiJuilo has a horrible track record for the city.  We have no idea why they keep hiring this lawyer.  This is the same guy that got beat in the AWC case.

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