Ralph Dannenberg Named Permanent City Manager

Tonight, in a 7-0 vote, interim city manager Ralph Dannenberg was named permanent city manager.

Council members cited his balanced budget, openness, support from department heads, and overall ability to manage as reasons for the promotion.

This also stops the contract with the consulting firm hired to do a search.  There is a cancellation fee, although how much isn’t known.  (According to the TNT, no fee was included in the contract so the city may get out of this one for free.)

The four council members who opposed Mr. Dannenberg holding the position until after the first of the year quickly reversed course tonight.  It was good to see, but still baffling why they continue to screw up the first vote, waste tax payer money and time, then change their vote to what the public wanted in the first place.

As a citizen stated, “I know a good transmission guy for all those council members who had to slam it in reverse on this decision.”

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